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Pistol Grip Kit

Pistol Grip Kit

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The Pistol Grip Kit contains pieces needed to make a handle/grip that works with the Falcon.

This product is intended for researchers or enthusiasts who want to build their own grips. Plan to cut, glue, and shape your final grip with these pieces. This kit is not a good purchase to get a usable pistol grip - you're better off buying a full, put-together pistol grip in that case. However, if you want to tinker and build your own haptic interface handle, this is the kit for you.

This kit includes:

-- Pistol chassis, Falcon mount (front triangle, data contacts, center stabilizer, and cable), circuit board, buttons, and trigger.

THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE: the screws (6 count), spring (Century Spring Corp Part #80040), and steel dowel trigger pin (McMaster 91595A126 3x22mm). Therefore this kit will not create a fully assembled pistol grip. However, all of the needed components for a custom grip are included, given some creativity.